Junior Makes All-State Band


Isabel Rafael, Reporter

Junior Jessica Andrews made All-State Band.

Isabel Rafael , Reporter

Musical talents are something that are appreciated at Lampasas High School. Junior Jessica Andrews is someone who excels in expressing herself through the music she plays.

On Jan. 12 Andrews attended an audition at Robinson, and qualified for All-State.

“State’s been kind of a goal for me since freshman year,” Andrews said. “I never made it so I didn’t think I was going to make it this year either, but when I found out I did I kind of freaked out.”

Andrews has been in band since middle school playing the french horn and has continued her musical career throughout high school. Andrews’ passion for band has grown throughout the years, something that motivated her to keep pushing herself.

“I’ve been in band for a long time now, and I’ve really tried to make it to State,” Andrews said. “Making it to State is like I’ve proved to myself that the work I’ve put in has really paid off.”  

Andrews was one of the many who went to Region, and placed high enough to audition for State. The competition took place at Robinson High School, where the top qualifiers would advance to compete against each other in order to see who made it to State. After the audition the results were posted.

“States been a goal of mine for the longest time, and I’m really proud that I could finally make it,”Andrews said. “I knew if I kept trying and kept working on making myself better, I knew I would have a chance to get to where I’m at now.”

Andrews hopes to keep pursuing her musical talents even after high school.

“Band has become something important that has impacted my life in such an amazing way, and I can’t wait to see what awaits me.”

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