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Freshman Starts Eternal Bouquet Business

courtesy of Camila Hernandez
Freshman Camila Hernandez holds an eternal bouquet she created for a client. She hand made each rose out of ribbon.

Bouquets are used to express all kinds of emotions and a gift to all. People give bouquets as a symbol of love, friendship, forgiveness and much more. Making bouquets takes lots of determination, patience, creativity, and most of all, a person who wants to make others feel special. 

Freshman Camila Hernandez has opened up an eternal bouquet business named to help others give their most loved ones a special gift. 

Hernandez got all of her ideas through TikTok and other social media platforms.

“I got ideas by just looking them up online and just seeing how people, like boyfriends, give their girlfriends stuff,” Herandez said. “So I was just like, well, why didn’t I just try that?”

Hernandez’s bouquets are eternal bouquets, meaning the flowers won’t die since they are made out of different types of ribbon. 

“She’s very talented,” junior Sandra Tamayo said. “She’s been very creative about it because she’s not using the typical classical stuff, and [she’s] using more creative stuff like flowers, butterflies and even crowns to decorate.”

Just like every other business, Hernandez needed somewhere to start. The first step: find the perfect name for her business.

“I was looking through TikTok and I was seeing the things people put for their names,” Hernandez said. “And so I found this one girl who’s name was KFB.Flowers. I liked the ring it had and decided why not make it similar? So I put my first initial, created, and that’s how I got my name.”

Having an outside business can be difficult for others but Hernandez said she’s able to work everything out by scheduling and managing her time.

“Sometimes I stay up to like 1 or 2 in the morning making those incase I have to go to school early or I get out of school late,” Hernandez said. “I do have to manage my time wisely and just do them whenever they’re going to be picked up.”

 As more and more people order, they realize how her bouquets are made for everyone and every occasion. 

“I feel like her bouquets are very cute.” Tamayo said. “Because it’s like for everyone. And I feel like the flowers aren’t just for girls, like they can be for guys too. Which makes it very inclusive.”

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  • N

    Neveah Lee-ClarkstonJan 29, 2024 at 11:27 am

    Her bouquets are beautiful i think the prices are a great deal thinking of the amount of time and material she puts into each of them. I will definitely buy one in the future and I think you should to.

  • T

    TaylerJan 29, 2024 at 11:20 am

    best flowers!