Badger Tracks

Many experiences during quarantine among students include: eating junk food, watching Netflix and lying in bed all day.

COVID-19 In Images

May 19, 2020

Seventh grade student Aerilyn Garner finishes science classwork from home. For your mental health, it is important to take time for hobbies you enjoy after finishing work everyday.

Quarantine Tips

April 17, 2020

Lights Out?

Janice Hanson, Reporter

November 22, 2019

The idea of a blackout pep rally has been taunting the students of Lampasas High School for years. The cheerleaders have pitched the idea numerous times, but the answer always remains the same: a pep rally with no lights is t...

Opinion: Friday Intercom Music Repetitive, Causes Hall Traffic

Nikki Alderson, Reporter

November 8, 2019

Thank goodness it’s Friday!  However, this means music plays over the intercom between classes. Everyone has their own music preferences, but when the genres are not switched up or the songs are too distracting, the music...

Opinion: Four Day School Week Has Many Benefits

Brooke Miller, Reporter

November 1, 2019

A popular topic that receives attention from not only students, but also teachers, is the debate over switching from a five-day school week, to a four-day school week allowing the weekend to be one day longer.  This switc...

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