Fall Free Meals Program Provides Breakfast, Lunch To Secondary Students

Lydia Breuer

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Lydia Breuer, Photo Editor

Cafeteria employee Donna Dyer gives a student juice to go with her lunch Sept. 25. Breakfast and lunch are free to all secondary students through the Fall Free Meals program until funds from the USDA are exhausted.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has provided funds that allow the middle school and high school to offer free breakfast and lunch to students. It was implemented Sept. 21 and will end whenever the funds have been exhausted.

The Fall Free Meals program is set to last through Dec. 17, 2020 here in Lampasas due to the fact that school is closed the rest of the month for the holidays,” nutrition director Calvin Pittman said. “However it could end sooner if the government funding is exhausted or it could be extended into 2021 if United States Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Purdue sees fit to continue.”

This program came to be because of the financial difficulties caused by COVID-19.

“The only real issue is trying to decide the best way to make the program work since this type of program change is unheard of  during the school year,” Pittman said. “We have to focus on what is best for the students and LISD. Our department always puts the students first in all that we do throughout the school year.”

The goal of this meal program is to alleviate some financial stress for parents and students.

“I think the free food is a great idea,” junior Sarah Jarboe said. “Most people are still financially recovering from COVID hitting us so hard, so this helps the families not have to worry about paying for their kids eating breakfast and lunch.”

There are some students who say they certainly benefit from the help.

“I personally think it’s a great idea,” senior Jalena Rostad said. “I directly benefit from this new change and I know it takes a lot of stress off parents and students.”