Homecoming Queen Overwhelmed With Gratitude


Photo Courtesy of Monica Garza

Monica Garza hears her name announced as Homecoming Queen alongside her father, Michael.

Janice Hanson, Assistant Online Editor

Once that announcer says your name and you hear the stands go crazy, it creates an entire new feeling you’ve never felt before.

— Monica Garza, 2018 Homecoming Queen

Under the bright Friday night lights, senior Monica Garza could barely hear the game commentators announce the Homecoming Queen Nominees. She walked down the field with her father, barely breathing during the seconds before the title would be awarded. The crowd roared as the name “Monica Garza” was announced. She laughed in a state of disbelief as she accepted the crown. She never thought she would win an honor like this.

Garza won the title of Homecoming Queen at the home game versus Gatesville on Sept. 28.

“It feels unreal to be Homecoming Queen,” said Garza. “It was something that was completely unexpected to me. It really is an amazing feeling to be able to represent LHS in many ways, but being Homecoming Queen takes it to a new level.”

Garza was escorted across the field by her father, who she claims is one of the closest people in her life.

“My father, Andrew, escorted me down the field that night,” said Garza. “That man is an amazing dad, and I’m really grateful for that. He supports me in everything I do, whether it’s academically or athletically, or even anything dealing with expensive formal dresses. He was there cheering me on when I got 1st Runner Up at the Spring Ho Pageant this year, he was there when I decided to commit to Howard Payne University for softball, and he was there the night I heard my name called as the 2018 Homecoming Queen. God has blessed me so greatly with such a great man as my father.”

Upon receiving the title, Garza wanted to share a some advice to future Homecoming Queens.

“To the future homecoming queens,” Garza said. “The seconds before your name is called is dreadful. They’re full of anticipation because you have no idea whose name is going to be called in the following moments. However, once that announcer says your name and you hear the stands go crazy, it creates an entire new feeling you’ve never felt before. You don’t really know what else to do except smile tremendously and wonder how blessed you are to have been elected as Homecoming Queen.”

Garza states that she was also extremely grateful to be chosen as Homecoming Queen and felt blessed to have received this title.

“All I can say is thank you,” said Garza. “I love my school dearly, which is why I spend each and every day at an organizational meeting for a group that commits itself to bettering our high school. The fact that LHS voted me to represent them in this way is astonishing and more than I could ever ask for. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for our students.”