Class President Named Homecoming King


Chris Ybarra, Photo Editor

Eric Flores celebrates winning Homecoming King at the end of the pep rally. Moments before, he had performed a baton twirling routine for the talent portion of the “pageant.”

Lexi Moreland, Reporter

2018-2019 Homecoming King has officially been crowned. On Sept. 24 at 10:39 a.m. Lampasas High School opened the final voting for Homecoming Queen and King.  All the candidates worked hard week and trying to earn the students’ votes.

Four days after voting, at the school’s Homecoming pep rally Eric Flores was crowned Homecoming King. Eric was left speechless.

“I was very surprised to be crowned, but I feel very loved,” Flores said.

Homecoming King candidates had to dress up as “Queens” and put on a small skit to do at the pep rally. At the beginning of the pep rally the boys walked out escorted by the actual Queen candidates wearing formal dresses.  All week long these boys spent time practicing their own routines and preparing themselves.

“I was very nervous to perform and mentally had to get my stuff together,” Flores said. “We were all standing outside in our dresses and so nervous to come in.”

Eric went out on the gym floor and put on a small show involving baton twirling.

“I give the color guard a lot of credit,” Flores said. “They make it look easy, but even the small twirls were hard to catch.”

Flores’ parents are proud of him. His win not only made Flores speechless but also the family who came to watch.

“I am very proud of him,” Flores’ mom Ashley Hill said. “My son is a very positive person. He has a lot of friends and I feel that a lot of people can relate and look up to him.”

Freshman Abriana Flores is excited her brother won.

“I’m very proud of my brother,” she said. “He is definitely a role model.”