JPs To Host Valentine’s Dance In Cafeteria


Amelia Stanley

Members of JPs are selling tickets for the Valentine’s dance for $20 per couple.

Jadyn Arzola, Reporter

Students can still purchase tickets for the Juniorette Pierian (JPs) dance from members for $20 per couple. The Valentine’s Day themed dance will last from 7 to 9 p.m. in the cafeteria Feb. 18. 

“Students should attend JPs because it’s run by high school students, so we have the attendees’ wants and needs in mind,” JPs president Callie Bekker said. “We know what music to play, and what decorations they might find fun, and what themes they would enjoy. It’s a dance with high schoolers in mind, put on by high schoolers.”

JPs is a group that consists of juniors and seniors who meet once a month.

“It feels like an honor to be in JPs,” JPs member Natalie Alverez said. 

Students from other high schools are welcome to join the dance if they are invited by an LHS student. 

“Those that are graduated can not come to the dance; it’s only for high school students,” Alvarez said. 

As president, Bekker has the responsibility of making sure everything is covered for the dance, and helping any of the four dance committees (decoration, tickets, advertisement and food) that may need it.

“On the day of the dance, we will be up at the school in the morning decorating, making sure we have plenty of time to make it perfect,” she said. 

According to Bekker, JPs member Morgan Bobo first mentioned the Valentine’s Day theme when the group learned they’d have to host the dance in February instead of January due to scheduling conflicts. 

“ It was the perfect month, and decorations would be easier to find,” Bekker said. “We all loved the idea and immediately picked it.”

Many students report being excited for the dance. 

“I’m excited to dress up and do my makeup,” freshman Morgan Parker said. “I’m also excited to have fun with my friends and make memories.”

The dance will mostly have parents as chaperones, but teachers can chaperone if they choose to volunteer. 

“We need to keep it clean,” Bekker said. “If the high school is a good venue for the dance, we will want to come next year. Please don’t ruin that chance. Respect our school and the people who threw the dance please.”