Three Students Place At Welding Competition


Cameron Wilson, Reporter

The first and second place trophies welding students won at the Waller County Fair Welding Competition Sept. 25 are on display in the welding shop.

Cameron Wilson, Reporter

Students from welding class competed in the Waller County Fair Welding Competition Sept. 25. The fair featured schools spanning all across Texas competing  in various weld techniques in order to earn scholarships worth up to $2000. 

Senior Jose Barron placed first in the level three weld contest, senior Elias Barron placed second in torch cutting and senior Cameron Wilson placed fifth in the level two weld contest. 

“It was a really good experience,” Barron said. “I won a couple scholarships, a trophy, a welding hood and jacket and hats.” 

Barron competed in the level three weld contest, where two slanted plates are placed on top of each other, with a weld running through the center, fusing the plates together. 

“There were a lot of welders there,” Barron said. “ I didn’t expect that many people. The competition had a total of over 350 competitors.”

Welding teacher Kevin Kaase orchestrated the trip for the selected students to attend the competition.

“It was a learning experience for all of us,” Kaase said. “Now we know what to expect. We competed in level three and level two welds. We also competed in oxy-acetylene torch cutting.”