Culinary Students Teach Kindergartners For Food Friday

Mrs. White’s Kindergarten class participating in Food Friday.

Grace Stivers, Reporter

Three students from the Culinary One class  traveled with Chef Walsh to Hannah Springs on March 1 to demonstrate how to make Belgian waffles with Mrs. White’s kindergarten class for “Food Friday”.

Sophomore Avery Hamrick, Kimaly Hasset and Hannah Gessner spent most of the day with the elementary school students.

“I really like cooking,” Gessner said. “I think it’s a good experience when we get to travel and share what we learn. I was a little scared at first with the little kids, but then it got really fun. I knew it would get super messy so it was enjoyable.”

Mrs. White’s class has been participating in Food Friday for a few weeks now. They usually cook breakfast foods. This is the first time a kindergarten class has done a cooking aspect.

“I love teaching the high school students how to cook,” Chef Walsh said. “It makes me feel great when they get to share their knowledge with the younger generations. We are going to start going to Hannah [Springs Elementary] more often to cook with the students.”

Walsh said that teaching kindergarteners to cook includes different steps than teaching high schoolers.

“There are a lot of germs when it comes to little kids, so we had them wash their hands a lot,” he said.