Film Class Curates Senior DVD For First Time in Three Years


Camille Rivera

Senior Brice Baker works on part of the senior DVD.

Camille Rivera, Reporter

Audio Visual teacher Cathy Kuehne’s Practicum In Animation class is working on the 2023 Senior DVD Project to complete the year with fond memories for those graduating. Seniors Emree Gettman, Jakob Jefferies, Javen Peters, Cody Rimes and Bruce Baker are solely in charge of this student oriented project. 

“The CDs are going to be sold for $5 each,” Kuehne said. “It basically just covers the cost of having to buy the DVDs. “Once we get it completed we will advertise the sale to everyone. We will burn the disks and people can just stop by to come pick them up. We do all the DVDs here and we keep it really easy so that everyone can afford the media.”

It has been three years since the school has given a Senior DVD to the students.

“We did it the year of COVID, but the year after COVID only three quarters of the seniors were here so we could not do it,” Kuehne said. “The following year, the seniors just chose not to do it. They didn’t care too much about the DVD. However, this group cares about it and is working very hard to complete this project.”

The five seniors working on the project have many processes of making sure all of the seniors are included, along with selecting songs and making a memorable video.

“We were given a full list about every senior and we are using the graduation photos to incorporate all of the seniors,” Peters said. “So everyone was given a list of names and since there are five people working on this project we divided the names and conquered it from there.”

Seniors submitted personalized photos to put in the Senior DVD as well.

“[Seniors submitted] one current picture, a baby photo of them and an optional photo of people with their friends who are seniors,” Rimes said. 

Before selling the DVDs, Kuehne will play the video during A and B lunch so that the students can see the pictures of the seniors and recognize this project made by the students. 

“These students are working very hard to create memories through the senior DVD,” Kuehne said.