Coding Club Learns Universal Language of Computers


Camille Rivera

Senior Aryana Curtis, senior Todd Cameron and junior Arlis Nevarez participate in the first Coding Club meeting Tuesday after school.

Camille Rivera, Reporter

A universal language resides in the computers and learning how to assess these 1s and 0s opens tons of possibilities. There are 500,000 jobs open in the vast array of complex coding that range from basic functions, such as “https” to the language of Python.4

Librarian Shelly Myers is hosting a coding club at the high school and middle school to assist in the development of students’ coding skills. The coding program is called Fiero Code and everyone is open to join the self-paced coding curriculum.

“I know that’s where the job market setting is, and we live in a small town where we don’t have anything like that, and our kids need it,” Myers said. “It’s not just money, there are good jobs out there. If students know how to code; work will be wide open to them and they could get a job anywhere. In a small town we are at a disadvantage so our kids need that.”

Myers is giving the students stepping stools to arrange a large set of possibilities for their future. The middle school students are immersed in what the club can bring them.

“The middle schoolers were so excited for this coding club,” Myers said. “I thought they just came for the pizza but I started it with questions about why they are there and what they knew about coding and they actually knew a lot. They had very intelligent answers. One kid said, ‘I may not be a coder but at least teach me how to problem solve’. It’s exciting.”

The first official meeting for Coding Club started Tuesday after school and the students who attended have positive outlooks on the program so far.  Myers has set aside two hours on Tuesday for students to come into the library after school to work with the program, with snacks as well.

“I really like it, and Mrs. Myers has made a really good environment for everyone that wants to be in the club and I can’t wait to learn more,” senior Aryana Curtis said. “I enjoy the layout of the program. Everything is really organized and I can choose what to work on.”

Myers emphasized how many opportunities there are in the area of coding and plans to work alongside the students during Coding Club.

“I already put my plan into my phone to go over and grab my laptop from the hub so I have it here on Tuesday night, and Wednesday night at middle school, so I can sit down and do it with them, because you know, maybe when I retire in three to four years I could know how to code by then, and I can do work in my pajamas,” Myers said.