Married Musicians

Couple Works Together As Band Directors


Katie Johnson

Jeremy and Chloe Flint got married June 21, 2014. They met in the Angelo State Marching band and are now both band directors at LISD.

Morgan Parker, Guest Writer

They both joined band in middle school. They both played in their high school marching bands. They both decided to pursue a career in music and attend Angelo State University. They both joined the Angelo State Marching band. That’s where they met and that’s when they fell in love.

Jeremy and Chloe Flint got married June 21, 2014 at Mrs. Flint parent’s property in Georgia. Though they didn’t plan on it, they both ended up working at LISD together. Mr. Flint is head band director at the middle school and Mrs. Flint is assistant band director at the high school. They both switch between the campuses daily and teach both middle school and high school students. 

“Our schedules are similar,” Mr. Flint said. “I teach at the middle school first, then up to the high school for Jazz Band and back to the middle school. She starts at the high school.”

Music brought the Flints together as it does many people. If they hadn’t decided to join band in middle school they most likely would have never met. They hope their relationship has a positive influence on their students and shows them an example of music’s power. 

We maintain a professional coworker relationship while also being a good example of how music connects people.

— LHS assistant band director Chloe Flint

“We maintain a professional coworker relationship while also being a good example of how music connects people,” Mrs. Flint said. “Our students get to see us relate to each other in a way that really exemplifies open, positive and strong communication.” 

Some might think that because the Flints spend so much time together they might become annoyed or frustrated with each other or that it’s hard for them to separate home from work but both claim it’s quite the opposite.

“Our working hours are very long, so it often bleeds into our home life, but we try to make an effort to only do or discuss work at work,” Mrs.Flint said. “We have other interests outside of teaching and music, and sometimes we will spend time together with those hobbies, but we also have some hobbies that we do separately.”

Each person in the relationship understands how the other thinks. This makes work for them easier as they are able to help each other out. 

  “We have similar teaching styles and philosophies that complement each other so he is easy to teach with because we are on the same page,” Mrs. Flint said. “Also, because we’ve been together for so long, we are often able to predict what needs the other has and take care of it before they ask. He is also a very good musician, and I enjoy being able to see him inspire our students.”