Pep Rally Honors Breast Cancer Awareness


Veronica Butler

Cheerleaders perform during the Pink Out Pep Rally Oct. 14.

Katie Johnson, Reporter

To bring light to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, students came together to present a Pink Out Pep Rally Oct.14. The Pep Rally featured a pyramid, performed by the cheer team, that said “Breast Cancer is so Plastic,” which goes hand in hand with the Mean Girls theme.

Each theme is special in some way or another,” cheer coach Shannon Lindsey said. “However, when we have our Pink Pep Rally each year, I believe it is just a little more special as it is more personal to some. Just about everyone knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer.” 

The cheer squad worked hard to make this pep rally a great one for everybody. 

“It’s been a ton of early morning practices and hard work, but I think it’s all worth it to show how much we support women who have fought through this battle,” sophomore cheerleader Trinity Watkins said. “I know how important this month is to some people, and I didn’t want to disappoint.”

Along with the cheerleaders, the Flames Drill Team performed a Mean Girls themed dance for the student body.

For the pink out pep rally, Flames practiced really hard to make sure that the visuals and energy were presented to the audience,” Flames coach Jana Crawford said. “We drilled our timing, placement and performance for about 2 weeks before the pep rally. The team, overall, really fed off the student body’s energy. Every moment that the student body hyped us up pushed our performance to be even better. We wouldn’t be able to perform for the student body if they didn’t give us that motivation.”

Each year the Pink Out Pep Rally and football games are a hit with students.

“I had a lot of fun at the pep rally, and I loved the energy,” freshman Morgan Parker said. “This was the first high school pink out pep rally I’ve ever been to and it was really awesome.”