FFA Hosts Recruitment Meetings

Nikki Alderson, Reporter

There was a Future Farmers of America (FFA) meeting on Tuesday and there is another one tomorrow.The meetings are for students who plan to join or are interested in assisting the community. The meetings are lead by FFA president Dawson Raub.

“It is totally worth the time and money as long as you put the effort into it,” senior Alexis Fernandez said. “FFA is not hard but it does take action.”

If a person wants to join the club it is a $15 entry fee but anyone is welcome to the meetings. There will be ice-cream and water balloon fights for those who do show up to either meeting.

“FFA is really fun for the people who care about the community,” senior Kyle Thomson said.

FFA cleans the adopted highway and takes care of farm animals and plants. It teaches students  to better themselves and everything around them.

 “We have a lot of fun at the meetings and Dawson Raub is a good president so we can enjoy the community and keep it safe,” senior Martin Ybarra said.

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