Practice Makes Perfect

Boys Golf Teams Works to Improve

Isabel Rafael , Reporter

The boys Varsity golf team competed March 21 at Delaware Springs Golf Course in Burnet. The boys placed 5th out of fifteen teams. They said they are positive they will do better next competition

Coach Justin Schulze coaches the golf teams and has been coaching golf for 13 years. Schulze played golf in high school, so he wanted to stay with the sport through coaching. With the outcome of Thursday, Schulze is still proud of his team.

“Although we didn’t win this time, there will be more to come,” Shulze said. ”Some of the guys played good, others didn’t play as well as they had hoped to, but fifth out of fifteen is definitely not a bad showing, but we certainly feel as we could’ve done better, but hey, that’s golf.”

Sophomore Aiden Wiley has been on the golf team since middle school. Wiley is now on the varsity golf team.

“Golf is really fun but practice is something that we have to do in order to get better and win the competitions,” Wiley said. “Although a lot of people don’t really think golf is a hard sport to play, I personally think it takes a lot for someone to push themselves to get better as well as having a great team to play alongside.”

Senior David Denis has been playing golf all four years of high school. Although his team lost this match, he has hope that they will do better next competition.

“Golf has always been something I enjoy, and the team is a plus to the whole thing,” Denis said. “Golf gives you a second family in a way. Whether we’re on the golf course or having lunch after a competition, I know we can all depend on each other.”

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