Lydia In The Library

Freshman Spends Time Volunteering

Grace Stivers, Reporter

“Lydia is great. She helps out tremendously and brings joy to all our days. She is so smart and kind to everyone.

— Tania Barnes, Librarian

With a heart full of the love of helping people and the joy of supporting reading and gaining knowledge through books, freshman Lydia Breuer volunteers at the Lampasas Public Library on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“I volunteer at the library because it’s something fun to do,” Lydia said. “I have always had a love for reading. Even though the library sometimes can be slow, the people there are very nice and fun to talk to.”

Lydia enjoys having easy access to the assortment of books the library offers.

“The ladies that work there are really nice and I enjoy talking to them,” Lydia said. “Every once in awhile my friend will volunteer with me. I get to find new books that I want to read, that I don’t get to check out in school. As for learning about books, I learned how to process dvds. I like that I have easy access to checking out books. The patrons are also very interesting.”

Lydia sometimes brings her friend, freshman  Emma Lopez, to tag along and help out at the library. Together the girls have an enjoyable time helping others.

“I started volunteering because of Lydia,” Emma said. “I enjoy coming with her and seeing new people. We have a lot of fun together. I don’t know as much as Lydia when it comes to helping people check out and such, but I’m slowly learning from her.”

Librarian Jana Higgins said Lydia brings  joy to the library, not only for people who work there but also the visitors.

“We used to hate having to close on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and then Lydia started volunteering,” Higgins said. “I dreaded Tuesday nights until she came. When we didn’t have her during the holiday break, it was difficult because of how much help and joy she brings to the library. Lydia is very helpful and brightens up our days. She caught on very quickly and learned mostly by watching.”

The library employees have a place in their hearts for Lydia and enjoy her greatly.

“Lydia is great,”  librarian Tania Barnes said. “She helps out tremendously and brings joy to all our days. She is so smart and kind to everyone. She learned how to do everything so quickly.”

The library opens and close at 9-6 everyday except Sundays.

“It really makes me feel accomplished to volunteer at the library,” Breuer said. “It’s a nice feeling to express my love for reading and books with the children there.”