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Texas Terminates Tampon Tax

Senate Bill 379 Lifts Toll on Necessary Products
Dakota Decker
Items including feminine hygiene products, Band-Aids and diapers are no longer taxed.

With inflation on a skyrocket, times are tough for the people of the United States. Texas used to classify feminine hygiene products as luxury items. Therefore, there was a 6.25% tax on these items, but as of Sept. 1 period products, adult and children’s diapers, baby wipes, baby bottles, maternity clothing and breast milk pumping devices, are now tax exempt. 

Senate Bill 379, will help people in these tough times. 

Before, women would have to pay $100 – $200 in tampon taxes every year, and with the gender pay gap that extra $200 did not help women financially, considering women have to have menstruation products. Now, low income consumers can better afford the already expensive products. 

The fact that baby and menstrual products were treated as a “luxury” in Texas for the longest time is unfair. A baby needs a diaper. A woman needs pads/tampons. Those things are far from luxuries. They’re basic human needs. Finally, the Texas government is beginning to look past money and help the people of their state.

SB: 379 will make it easier on teen parents too. Teen parents are more likely to experience poverty in the U.S, especially teen mothers. With the extra costs of menstrual products and the super costly price of diapers, teen mothers and fathers spend a lot of their small paychecks on those items. This bill will help these families and also give them opportunities to save more money.

Critics of this bill will argue it hurts the economy of Texas. For example, when California took away the tampon tax,  it lost $55 million in revenue. The revenue loss predicted for Texas is $227 million dollars. However, money is money and the basic needs of humans are far more important. 

This bill opens a window for low income families and women to have greater financial access to these products. Making these products tax exempt was an excellent decision and will help the many struggling people in Texas.

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