Opinion: Releasing Bubbles Instead of Balloons Was Best Choice For Environment


Amelia Stanley

Senior Emily Tower blows bubbles at Badger Field to celebrate Homecoming Sept. 21.

Joeseph Neuenschwander, Reporter

 Seniors did not release balloons during the homecoming celebration Sept. 21. Instead the seniors blew bubbles to celebrate.

This is good because wildlife did not get hurt.

Tradition may be a big part in  releasing balloons into the air, but it is good this tradition ended. The fact that it has ended is surprising, but there was little to no backlash about seniors releasing bubbles instead.   

Bubbles are the most environmentally safe option that the student council could have made. Candles would have been a good choice, but they have the possibility of spreading a fire or causing injury, plus they release carbon dioxide into the air. Balloons also cost more than bubbles. Helium prices are going up and with it are balloon prices. The two are intertwined like two balloon strings that will never untangle because most people want their balloons to float. Balloons with only air in them do not float as well. The way that helium is collected isn’t the best for the environment either. It is mined alongside other natural gasses contributing to global warming. 

For these reasons, student council made a good decision for seniors to release bubbles instead of balloons this year.