Boy’s Basketball To Face Argyle Tonight


Adam Arthurs, Social Media Editor

The Badger basketball team will face Argyle, the state’s No. 3 team, tonight. They will play in Italy, Texas at the Gladiator Dome. Tipoff is set for 8:00 p.m.

Lampasas defeated Graham 77-68 in Brownwood Tuesday night and won their second Bi-district championship under head Coach Aaron Nuckles since he has been in Lampasas. 

Lampasas who is (19-4) came back from a 6 point deficit after falling behind 57-51 in the beginning of the fourth quarter. However, junior Nate Borchardt scored a three pointer to tie the game in the fourth quarter 59-59. 

¨It was a really great achievement that we all have been working toward,¨ Borchardt said. “We played alright but there were times when we started playing sloppy and the opposing team started hitting some shots and we just had to get things picked up and that’s what we did.¨

Senior Landon Mulcahy played hard and got to the net to push the Badgers in the lead 61-59. Junior Kaeden Crawford was also a key player in the game and got a dunk in the playoff game.

¨It was a great surreal feeling but this team is not satisfied yet,¨ Crawford said ¨My team played well and we took care of business and it showed. I think if we stay to our identity we will be fine¨.

The Graham Steers tried to contain Borchardt in the first half, but he then exploded in the second half and was a lead scorer after they were down. 

The Steers never led the Badgers in the first half. Senior Michael Murray and Mulcahy had big scores in the first half. 

The Badgers last won bi-district in 2018 when Nuckles clenched his first one in his first season at his alma mater. 

Argyle enters this game as credibly one of the best teams in the state. They have a 21 game winning streak. 

¨We´re not going to back down because of the name on [Argyle’s] jersey,¨ Crawford said. ¨We just have to bring the tempo to them.¨