Chef Walsh cheering on senior Ean Sunberg who later places 2nd in the omelet competition.

4 Students Place At Culinary Career Competition

October 8, 2019

Culinary arts students competed in the 6th annual Culinary Career Competition on Oct. 3. LHS had four students place. There were a total of 350 students participating. 

“I really enjoyed competing with my friends and making memories with them,” senior Cami Ford said. “We got to further our knowledge in culinary while having fun and competing.”

Culinary arts is a fairly new program to LHS and is thriving in competitions. Senior Ean Sunberg placed 2nd and junior Shelby Case placed 3rd in the omelet competition. 

“I think that if you enjoy cooking and get the chance to go that you should,” senior Kelcie Roper said. “It helps you in the long run and it’s really fun. Chef Walsh has taught me a lot since sophomore year and I’m glad I grew an interest in cooking. My friends and I have always enjoyed the class and I’ve even made new friends while doing it. I competed in the omelet competition and while I sadly didn’t place I had a lot of fun participating.”

Senior Shanice McCain placed 3rd in the mystery box competition with her partner junior Hannah Gessner. 

“Last year I competed in the omelet competition and placed top 5 so this year I had high standards of placing,” McCain said. “The mystery box competition wasn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be. We actually got to pick some of our ingredients from a few options. I definitely had a lot of fun competing with Hannah and the rest of the team.”

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