Scooter Cook Named Homecoming King


Tyler Garcia, Reporter

Senior Scooter Cook accepts the homecoming king crown during the pep rally on Sept. 20.

Scooter Cook was announced the 2019 Homecoming King Sept. 20 during the pep rally. 

Seniors Isaiah Rhoades, Cameron Everts, Daunte Cuffie, Dawson Raub and Cook made up the male Homecoming Court.

“I’d like everyone to know that being selected is already a huge honor,” Cook said. “I’d like to point out that the others on the court are all great men that are going to do great things. I just happened to be the first name on the ballot.”

Cook expressed his feelings to the school about how grateful he was for the nomination.

“It felt pretty good to be nominated as Homecoming King,” Cook said. “I was just happy I didn’t have to dress up as a girl for nothing.”

The homecoming male court dressed up in female attire as the main performance.

I was just happy I didn’t have to dress up as a girl for nothing.”

— Homecoming king Scooter Cook

“My part in the performance involved dressing up as a female alter ego, which I found somewhat demeaning, and we responded to dating questions,” Cook said.

Cook said he had a feeling he was going to win for multiple reasons.

“Not to sound arrogant, but I felt that I would probably win because of all the extracurricular school activities I am involved in,” Cook said. “Along with that my name is somewhat memorable and the football vote was split between three others.” 

Later that night during the halftime show Jessica Ball was crowned 2019 Homecoming Queen.

“Jessica is a good friend, a great person and definitely deserves it,” Cook said. “Though the role is purely ceremonial, if it weren’t, I am sure she’d govern our school responsibly. Perhaps even converting the Totalitarian Regime to a more Democratic Constitutional Monarchy.”

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