Homecoming King Nominees Continue “Queen” Tradition At Pep Rally

Lexi Moreland

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Senior Daunte Cuffie, dressed as Dauntisha Buffie, struts to answer a question from Buster Badger during the dating game on homecoming.

Freshmen to seniors roar in the stands as the homecoming king nominees are introduced. The six senior boys competing for king walk into the gym wearing dresses like “queens”  escorted by the actual homecoming queen nominees. 

Scooter Cook was announced as the 2019-2020 homecoming king on Sept. 20 at the school pep rally. Leading up to the announcement of the king, the boys did a few skits dressed like ladies as is tradition. 

“I had a great time doing the skits in the pep rally,” senior Daunte Cuffie said. “I had the coolest character of all. I would definitely do it again. It was a lot of fun.”

For the pep rally skits the boys had to decide on character names and personalities. Cameron Everts was Camexis Tx (Reality TV star), Scooter Cook was Harley Cook (Biker chick), Daunte Cuffie was Dauntisha Buffie (body builder), Dawson Raub was Dolly Raub (country music star) and Ethan Rascoe was Ethina Rascoe (beach girl).

“I’ll always remember having to dress up like a girl in front of everyone,” Raub said. “I definitely felt a little awkward in a dress in front of my fellow students.”

The homecoming boys walked out to the song of their choice to be introduced. The next skit they performed was a “dating Buster Badger” game, in which the contestants answered questions about their dating preferences.  

“I will always remember the crowd reaction as we walked out onto the gym floor,” Rascoe said. “Trying to get on the outfits with the guys was my favorite memory.”

 Raub won the dating game, but then it was time to announce the homecoming king. The boys lined up shoulder to shoulder as cheer coach Shannon Lindsey announced the official homecoming king of this year. 

“I felt very uncomfortable wearing a tight dress,” Rascoe said. “Yet I had a lot of fun and I am very glad I could participate.”

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