New Semester, New Positions

Counselors' Secretary Becomes Registrar


Katelyn Terry, Editor-In-Chief

Mrs. Davis works as registrar in her new office between the library and lecture hall. She was previously the counselors' secretary and became the registrar at semester.

Katelyn Terry, Editor-In-Chief

At the start of the second semester, many position changes occurred at LHS – one being  former counselors’ secretary Tracey Davis’ switch to school registrar. Davis replaced Judy Smith at the end of last year, who held the position for many consecutive years.  

“My most recent position was part bookkeeper and part counselor´s/CTE secretary,” Davis said.“I was still working with the CTE class accounts, but also helping the counselors with whatever they needed done. I enjoyed seeing all the students coming into the counseling center and trying to help the counselors and Mr. Brady with the daily tasks of running an office.¨

The change in staff occurred because of the current registrar´s plans to relocate in the district.

“When Mrs. Wilkinson announced her move to the middle school, I was approached about taking her position because I had previous interest in it,” Davis said. “I felt I could better serve the students as well as the counselors in this new position.”

Davis’ office as new registrar sits between the library and the lecture hall.

“In this position, I will be working with all incoming students as well as students leaving LHS, ” Davis said. “I will also be responsible for report cards, transcripts, and many other duties I have yet to learn. My recent days of training have been great.”

Davis claims this new position is a big change, but she is looking forward to it.

“It’s very new to me, so I’m not sure what all to expect,” Davis said. “I know the job will be more detail oriented, and I look forward to that aspect. Being in an office by myself will be something to get used to. In the counseling center, I looked forward to seeing my office aides each day.”

Kristy Morua, former secretary of assistant principals Duane Young and previously Joey McQueen, took Davis’ spot as the counselors’ secretary at the start of the semester.

“I enjoyed working with Mr. Young and Mr. McQueen helping them with their needs and taking care of the office,” Morua said. “I coordinated the subs on campus, ordered supplies and took care of all the Xerox needs.“

Morua is happy with her new position and believes it is a nice fit.

“I am enjoying my new position because I am learning new things,” Morua said. “I enjoy seeing the students throughout the day. My new office buddies have been friendly and eager to help when needed.”