Weinheimer Named Assistant Principal


Chris Ybarra, Photo Editor

New Assistant Principal Paul Weinheimer talks with sophomores Klein Muse and Ethan Jones at lunch.

Chris Ybarra, Photo Editor

Assistant principal Joey McQueen has became the permanent principal of the school, replacing attendance director Dick Parker, who was interim principal. With this change, Coach Paul Weinheimer was chosen to replace McQueen’s vacant assistant principal spot.

Formerly a football coach, Weinheimer then became the teacher for the Financial Math class. Weinheimer is now the assistant principal, along with helping with the Building Badgers Youth League.

“I feel excited, I feel energized,” Weinheimer said. “I’m trying my hardest to support the teachers and support the students here. This is my first time being an assistant principal, so I’m just going to try to take everyday and try to do my best every day. I know there are going to be things that are new and different to me, but I’m just going to try to do my best everyday.”

Weinheimer’s new position has also brought him to more closely work with fellow assistant principal Duane Young, and head principal Joey McQueen.

“I’m super excited to work with them (Young and McQueen),” said Weinheimer. “I’ve been speaking with them more recently and their energy and excitement  for the job and to help teachers and students is fantastic. I think it’s a great opportunity for us to bring a positive impact on the school.”

The newly hired principal, McQueen, is equally excited to work with Weinheimer more closely.

“When I was offered this position, they asked me who I wanted as my assistant principal,” McQueen said. “I chose Coach Weinheimer for two reasons. One, he’s been involved in athletics and he’s been involved in teaching and he’s a good disciplinarian. If you notice him during lunch, he goes and eats in different places each day during lunch, and I think that’s just neat. He’s just got a really great attitude and enjoys supporting the students.I love him, and I’m excited to be working with both of these guys(Weinheimer and Young).”

While Weinheimer has been moved up to assistant principal, his previous spot as the teacher for Financial Math has been filled by cheer coach Shannon Lindsey. Therefore, to replace Lindsey’s spot for her elective classes will be elementary school teacher Shelly Mulchahy.

“We are going to hire a young lady by the name of Shelly Mulchahy,” McQueen said. “Her son does attend school here, and she is scheduled to start the second semester. She’s definitely going to be a great asset to this school.”

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