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“The Policy Is Working”

Principal, Teachers Say Cell Phone Ban Increases Classroom Engagement
Joseph Neuenschwander
Students have been caught hiding cellphones behind their Chromebooks.

As of Oct. 6, 150 phones have been taken up with 26 people being repeat offenders. 

“The policy is working,” principal Joey McQueen said. “Students are actually working during class time.”

Despite the policy restricting cell phone use, some students attempt to sneak their phones through various methods.

“I am sure students are trying to get by with trying different ways,” McQueen said. “However, our teachers need to be cognizant of ways students try and hide the phone.”

Geography teacher Colton Hinds said he has found students trying to use their cellphones behind Chromebooks and under desks. 

“I’ve seen what they’re trying to do, and I think that that kind of goes with having access in between periods,” Hinds said. “They’re already having those conversations and they’re wanting to continue them once they’ve come into the classroom.

Freshmen this year are used to a cell phone ban due to the middle school implementing one in 2021. Despite this, some freshmen are still upset with the cellphone policy implemented this year. 

I feel like, for at least like the class of 2027, I feel like as soon as we entered middle school all of that stuff, like, got taken away from us, and then whenever we entered high school that got taken away from us too,” freshman Janalice Wamsley said.

Students still use Chromebooks to access websites containing social media, games and AI programs, but Hinds said the cell phone policy has been effective in making students pay attention in class because he uses GoGuardian to block student access to any unwanted sites.

“I’m blocking whatever isn’t appropriate for my class,” Hinds said. “I’ve seen GoGuardians where it looks like a rainbow. The kids are in every single part of the internet that they can access while people are either supposed to be doing research, or they’re supposed to be paying attention to lecture.”

Most students have generally listened to the policy. Overall, Hinds has seen more engagement in his students.

 “I think it encourages a healthier classroom environment because, what it does, is it makes people more intent on listening while in class and not being distracted by things inside their pocket,” Hinds said.

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