Season of Peppermint Mochas Brings Chilly Weather, Nostalgia


Dakota Decker

The snowman evokes harsh weather, but brings a heart-warming feeling that encapsulates the festive mood of the holidays. This snowman stands outside during the winter freeze of Feb. 2021

Lucy Mantilla, Reporters

Snow covers the ground like fine sugar. Lights illuminate all around town. A melancholy feeling is in the air as the holidays of Christmas and New Years approach. Communities gather around to support each other in the harshest, yet most heartwarming season of them all, winter. This cool season of peppermint mocha and jolly joy makes it truly the best season. 

Historically, in Persian culture the winter solstice, known as Yalda, is a celebration of the eve of the birth of Mithra, a goddess symbolizing light and strength. Winter marks importance in this culture as well as many others. For example, in Pagan culture, the sacred day of Yule is celebrated during winter solstice. Many cultures have deep connections to the season due to the symbolic meaning of winter. Often associated with perseverance, the season marks a time where, historically, farmers and workers finally take a break. This is reflected in modern society with work and schools often receiving winter breaks. Winter breaks are great to bring families and communities together, which otherwise would not have the time to see one another. 

In addition to holidays, winter marks the introduction of cold snowy weather, making way for fun activities such as building a snowman or going sledding. These activities make use of the weather whereas this isn’t as true with other seasons, such as fall where it often just rains, forcing people to stay inside their houses. Winter brings a deep connection to nature and weather, which humans usually struggle against. It is also beautiful, with icicles glistening in the sunlight and snow covering the ground like a blanket. 

In conclusion, all seasons can invoke beauty and love but none of them accomplish it to the degree that winter does. Winter is the manifestation of togetherness.