Season of Pumpkin Spice Lattes Brings Falling Leaves, Coziness


Jadyn Arzola

Elements of Autumn capture the warm feeling of the season.

Jadyn Arzola, Reporter

The air reaches cooler temperatures as the fresh smell of rain begins to fill the atmosphere around town. Shorts fade into jeans while t-shirts slowly transition to warm, cozy sweaters. Morning glasses of iced coffee are replaced with steamy mugs filled with pumpkin spice flavors that feel like a warm hug to your taste buds. The trees shed their green leaves and sprout beautiful arrangements of orange, red and yellow. Thousands of people’s “recently watched” rows fill with Gilmore Girls, Hocus Pocus, The Conjuring and other motion pictures that allow them to savor the warm feeling autumn brings.
Each year four seasons occur. autumn is by far superior to all other seasons. 

Autumn is home to the best holidays. The Mid-autumn Festival, one of the most important holidays in Chinese culture, dating back to over 3,000 years occurs in autumn. People of Chinese descent gather together, appreciate the moon, light lovely paper lanterns and do many other activities to celebrate the end of the harvest season. Those that love all things scary get to express that love during the month of October. Scary movies are on nearly every screen, pumpkins are everywhere and kids dress in their spookiest costumes. On the night of Oct. 31 millions go out trick-or-treating, getting as much candy as their heart desires. Once Nov. comes around, the ghosts go away and the turkeys come out; it’s time for Thanksgiving! All over, families and friends surround each other expressing all that they are grateful for. 

Along with fall comes exceptional food. Thanksgiving has the best foods. Each November an array of mouth-watering foods fill the table, including turkeys, pies and cobblers. On top of the delicious food offered on Thanksgiving, fall is the start of pumpkin season. Each store stocks its isles with pumpkin-flavored everything. From coffee creamer to cookies to pancakes people can find nearly anything available in a pumpkin flavor. All bakeries are filled with the cinnamon-like cozy smell of pumpkin spice. 

As if the beautiful colors, great gatherings, fun celebrations, amazing smells and foods weren’t enough, fall offers the peak fashion. Winter requires too many layers, spring can get too hot at times, and summer is so hot that nobody cares what they are wearing as long as they can feel like they aren’t dying of heat. However, cool temperatures allow every fashion style to be used. The beginning of fall offers the opportunity to stay in shorts and t-shirts soaking up the last seconds of summer since the temperatures aren’t low yet. Toward the middle, people can take flannels out of closets all over, offering maximum comfort and style. The end of fall is perfect for the best item of clothing ever, sweaters of all patterns and colors.

Each season is able to offer greatness that everyone looks forward to, but autumn gives the best of the best, a perfect blend of all.