Students Stage Sentimental Senior Skit

Class of 2022 Celebrates Bittersweet Final Pep Rally

The senior class sings the school song together at their last pep rally.

Veronica Butler, Reporter

Students link pinkies as the band begins playing the school song. Senior cheerleaders, band members, student council members and theater kids alike swing their arms to the rhythm of the music. Some students tear up as they stand in the center of the gym. 

The final pep rally of the year was Oct. 29 and was dedicated to the seniors.

The senior pep rally is always exciting, however it is very bittersweet,” cheer coach Shannon Lindsey said. “They have waited for ‘their’ pep rally for four years.”

This pep rally introduced a semi-blackout skit, using a spotlight to light up certain parts of the gym.

“When you turn out the lights and use a spotlight it allows everyone to focus on what you want them to focus on,” Lindsey said.

Any senior who wanted to volunteer for the skit was able to participate.

“Being able to be a part of the senior skit was really fun and a really amazing way to end that chapter of my life,” senior and Flames officer Kelsey Grimmett said.

Being able to be a part of the senior skit was really fun and a really amazing way to end that chapter of my life.

— senior and Flames officer Kelsey Grimmett

The senior skit was the favorite part of the pep rally for many people.

“[My favorite part was] when the seniors reflected on their years from kindergarten through their senior year,” Principal Joey McQueen said.

Senior Jayden Slagle said her favorite part was the school song at the end of the pep rally.

“It felt like one of those rite of passage moments,” Slagle said. “I realized how proud I am that we all made it to this point.”

In November 2019, Badger Tracks reporter Janice Hanson wrote an editorial about doing a full blackout pep rally, but the idea was turned down due to safety reasons.

“​To be honest, [this senior pep rally] was not a total blackout pep rally because of the windows that still allowed light in,” McQueen said. “The lights were off, but not really a blackout pep rally. It is true, when you have a total blackout pep rally, there are safety issues.”

There was also an appearance of Badger Man, the epitome of school spirit.

“Getting to see Badger Man was exciting and hearing from band members, tennis team, cross country, theater and football was great,” assistant principal Paul Weinheimer said.

Weinheimer said he is proud of all the seniors have accomplished in their years at the high school.

“This was a special time for our seniors and it was wonderful seeing their school spirit and how much they love our school and each other,” Weinheimer said.