Cheer Team To Compete In-Person At UIL State Tomorrow


Courtesy of cheer coach Shannon Lindsey

Cheerleaders receive new uniforms before heading to UIL State. They will compete in-person for the first time this school year.

Brooke Miller, Reporter

The cheer team will compete in their first in-person competition tomorrow at UIL State in the Fort Worth Convention Center after only competing virtually the past two competitions. 

“I am excited that we actually get to compete at an in-person competition,” cheer coach Shannon Lindsey said. “It definitely has a lot of new protocols and regulations. However, just to be able to take the team to a live competition is really exciting.”

The cheer team will not stay the night before or after the competition like previous years.

“The school has arranged for us to have a charter bus to take care of us all day,” Lindsey said. “Since the girls won’t be allowed to stay at the convention center and “camp out” this year due to COVID restrictions, our charter bus will now be that place.”

Visitors and spectators viewing will be managed by rotation allowing only a designated group to watch the competition.

“Our cheer team always performs our absolute best in front of a bigger audience because we are trying to prove we are the best,” junior Koral Amador said. “It might be a little different without our bigger crowd, but I know we will still do our best.”

Team members who have been a part of the competition team in the past and have gone to UIL will experience changes this year.

“I’m nervous about competing overall,” junior Kylee Rutledge said. “I’ve done this before but it’s still nerve racking and gives me the chills. Overall I feel like we’re going to do really good as a team, and as long as we go out there and perform our hearts out, I don’t think we should have anything to worry about.”

New members of the competition team will experience performing in front of the judges for the first time.

“I’m very anxious because I’ve never performed in such a big arena but I’m super excited to see what is like and see how far our team can go,” freshman Arielle Aguirre said.