Key Club Looks For New Members To Help Serve Community


Courtesy of Sandra Bobo

Key Club members Clayton Evans and Declan Davenport help donate 370 pounds of food to the Lampasas Mission.

Key Club is a 100% community service organization that helps out in any way possible. Key Club is looking for more members to join and help out in the community. 

“Everyone is welcome to join,” sponsor Sandra Bobo said. “All you need to do is show up to meetings and pay the $13 due.” 

High school students who care about their town, school and community are all welcome to participate. 

“So far this year, we have helped set up for a barbecue at the Lampasas Show Barn in September,” Bobo said. “We also did a teacher appreciation where we brought snacks and drinks and made a sign.”

During the holidays  Key Club also did a canned food drive to get food together for people in need. 

“We donated 370 pounds of food to the Lampasas Mission,” Bobo said. 

The current leaders of the key club are president Megan Bobo, vice president DJ Rounds, treasurer Clayton Evans, secretary Emily Brister and editor Seth Norton. 

“I can use all the knowledge I am receiving now for future experience.”

— Key Club Editor Seth Norton

“Key Club members of all ages get offered scholarships by the Kiwanis Organization ,” Bobo said. 

The organization is currently working on a fundraiser for the newly adopted “angel”. 

“An angel is a foster child the program adopts to get toys and clothes for christmas time,” Bobo said. 

The most recent academic period meetings have been to make sure everything is ready for the little angel.

“I think so far the most memorable event that has happened in such a short year is probably the events happening now,” Norton said. “The toy drive for those who are less fortunate to have a special Christmas. It’s really just nice to help out others.”

Key Club has been a part of the Lampasas community since 2006. 

“My favorite thing about Key Club is getting the experience of working with the community,” Norton said. “I can use all the knowledge I am receiving now for future experience.”

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