Sporting Event Tickets Sold Online To Minimize Contact


Courtesy Photo

Spectators show a digital or printed ticket like this one to be scanned to enter sporting events this year. Tickets must be purchased online before the game to avoid contact at the gate.

Katie Procter, Reporter

Due to COVID-19, administration has opted to sell football tickets differently this year. Instead of buying them at the gate, spectators need to purchase tickets beforehand on the front page of the school website.

“Monday’s tickets go on sale to the participant’s families,” athletic secretary Traci Shaughnessy said. “Tuesdays, they go on sale to season ticket holders.”

Wednesdays, ticket sales are opened to general admission and anyone can buy them until they are sold out. Badger Stadium is only allowed to be filled to 50% capacity.

“Just from our last varsity game, it was just below 2,000,” Shaughnessy said about how many tickets were sold.

Participants including football players, trainers, cheerleaders, band, Flames and the tunnel crew get in free and get 2-4 tickets for family.

“I had a surprisingly easy time purchasing my ticket last week,” senior Addie McDonald said. “I’m a member of tunnel crew so we have five reserved tickets per game to divide among the members.”

To get in the game with a digital ticket, there is a QR code scanned at the gate. This prevents germs from spreading and helps people enter faster. 

“With all of the guidelines they have to follow to ensure everyone’s safety, I believe they have opted for the best solution,” McDonald said. “Although purchasing tickets used to be simpler and more convenient, it is entirely different now. Our world has flipped, so now we have to learn how to cope, not control.”

As of right now, the plan is to keep the tickets online for the rest of the year.

“It’s online tickets for all of the events,” Shaughnessy said.

This change has only helped people to realize what all they would do for Badger football and how important it is to this town.

“As long as we have football season, I will never be disappointed, just thankful,” McDonald said.

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