Card Players To Duel With Magic

Cameron Wilson

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Freshman Brad Roberts, sophomore Shyla Roberts and sophomore Anthony Pena play Magic The Gathering during lunch Feb. 5. They will participate in the tournament in the library Feb. 12.

A Magic the Gathering draft tournament will take place on Feb. 12 after school in the library. 

Those interested in competing can sign up using the QR code on posters around the school. 

Magic the Gathering is a combat-based strategy card game played with two or more people with decks made out of several subtypes of game cards. Algebra II teacher Jesse Cox will sponsor the event.

A draft tournament is when each contestant gets three booster card packs, and they take one card out of each pack and then passes the packs to the next person. 

“Everyone gets three packs of cards, you draft one card per pack and move on,” Cox said.

Everyone in the tournament will collect a prize. Everyone gets at least the cards they drafted from the booster packs. 

“First and Second place will get custom 3D printed deck boxes,” Cox said. “We also have 1,000 card sleeves and dice, so nobody leaves with nothing.”

Contestants will be placed in brackets together, being pitted up against each other at random, so fighters have no clue who they will be going up against. 

The prizes were purchased by Cox and another teacher with their own money.

“I’m very excited!” Geometry teacher Patricia Bird said. “On a scale of one to ten, I’m an eleven. I’m excited for the tournament. I’m confident I’ll be in the top ten.” 

This tournament will be the first draft tournament Bird has ever participated in, and a first for others as well. 

“I saw my daughter playing Magic and she taught me,” Bird said. “Overall I’ve been playing four years.”

This is one of the first times LHS students have actively participated together on such a wide scale for a card game. 

“Magic, it’s kind of like a hobby,” sophomore Sylvana Sanchez said. “I’m pretty confident. How many games I’ve won outweighs how many games I’ve lost.”