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Noodle Bar Petition Succeeds

Cameron Wilson

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Sophomores Nick Rich and Westen Reid smile in the success of the noodle bar petition they started. The noodle bar will open in February.

After a long morning of working, students come down to the cafeteria to enjoy some food and relax with friends. With the upcoming addition of a noodle bar in February, students will have even more options to choose from in the cafeteria. 

“We started it with Ian [Cook] making a joke, saying ‘We need something new, and why do we need two pizza lines?’” sophomore Westen Reid said. 

Reid is the student who started the petition. 

“We spoke to the head lunch lady and she said they’re trying to make more food options,” Reid said. 

The noodle bar will replace one of the pizza lines. 

 “What made me start it was the fact that our school isn’t that diverse like other schools, and the fact that the lunch ladies wanted something different too,” Reid said. 

Reid wasn’t the only person working on the petition, for he had lots of support from his friends too.

“We need more variety,” sophomore Nick Rich said. “Pizza every day is unhealthy and with noodles you can mix and match flavors.” 

The choice of noodles is up to the school, but the noodle bar is supposed to mainly be ramen-themed. 

“We started talking about what we could add, and we thought about noodles,” Rich said.  “We started making petitions in Spanish class.”  

 Many students are ready for the noodle bar to become a new addition to the school cafeteria. 

“It’s going to add a lot of variety to what we get to eat day-to-day,” freshman John Saucedo said.