Game On!

New Club Provides Safe Haven For Gamers

Cameron Wilson

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Cameron Wilson, Reporter

Senior Morgan Dandley listing game options on the whiteboard in the library on Sept. 25 during The Gaming Club.

Tension lingers in the air as four players take their seats. Taking their controllers, the players begin to battle as they clash within a virtual reality. The LHS Gaming Club is a place for those who want to have a good time, some friends and a place to hang out and play some games. 

The Game Club started on Sept. 25, and has since gained popularity among students and staff alike. Meetings are every Wednesday after school.  

“There’s a lot of gamers out in the world and competition kind of just took over,” freshman Caleb Posten said. “People don’t interact much, so the game club will bring them together.” 

The club welcomes anyone who is willing to join, either for fun, to meet new people, or to connect and become even closer with those who share an interest.  Senior Dylan DePew is the entire reason why the club started. He is the person who proposed the idea of a game club.

“I kind of wanted to have a place for people to relax without judgement from their peers,” DePew said. “This is just one place where I can escape the struggles of school. A place where I can rest my thoughts.” 

To some, the club is just somewhere to hang out with friends and have a good time but to others, the club has a much deeper meaning.

“I just feel happy being here,” sophomore Veronica Pena said.  “Makes me want to come every Wednesday. I consider people like us outcasts. We get made fun of for not having name brands, and see this as a safe haven. Welcome to the club. We’re a big family here. We don’t care if  you suck, we don’t care if you’re the best, we just care if you’re nice.”