Senior Cheerleaders Begin Overalls Tradition

Grace Stivers

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Seniors Destiney Nobles, Cami Ford and Holley Wright wear overalls they decorated together. They are three of the cheerleaders hoping this will become a new senior tradition.

The senior cheerleaders are starting a tradition they hope will last throughout the years. They have started personalizing overalls to wear on the Thursday before the football game. 

“My mom, Mrs. Ford, came up with the idea,” senior Cami Ford said. “We wanted to do something different.”

The seniors want to influence the current junior class to follow in their footsteps next year. 

“I’m really excited about wearing my overalls,” Ford said. “My mom and I spent hours working on it. Not many other senior girls have done this before at LHS, so hopefully we can make it a tradition.”

The overalls trend has been around for awhile, but this is the first time an organized group has decorated them together at LHS.

“I thought it was such a cute idea,” senior Destiney Nobles said. “ It’s really fun to switch up your style and wear something that not everyone has because we customized them ourselves.”

The girls took time out of their weekend to make the overalls.

“We came to school last Sunday to cut all the fabric letters, shapes, and numbers out,” senior Holley Wright said. “Then we sewed and glued it all on to the overalls. It was a really good bonding experience for us seniors and our moms. I’m really glad we got the chance to make them.”

The color themes match the school colors: blue and white. Each girl’s is different but the basic design is the same.

“We plan on showing them how to make the overalls when we’re gone next year,” senior captain Tiana Guerra said. “I hope we’ve inspired them and make them want to follow our lead. Hopefully, the overalls aren’t the only inspiration we’ve given them.”