Badger Relay Team Beats Record

Lexi Moreland, Reporter

On Feb. 16 the Badger’s running the track 4 by 200 relay race beat the meet record in Fredericksburg.

“I think the team did really well this race,” senior Brady Carroll said. “There will always be room for improvement in our team, though.”

The boys running this relay were senior Luke Palacios, senior Brady Carroll, senior Dylan Alpha and junior Cameron Everts.

“I love running the 4×2,” Carroll said. “It is honestly one of my favorite races.”

In this relay, each person runs a 200 meter dash and hands the baton off to the next person to do the same until the 4th person crosses the finish line.  

“Personally, the season has gone great so far,” Carroll said. “Last year I got injured and was not able to run to my greatest abilities. Breaking the record the first track meet is amazing to me.”

The previous team that set the meet record ran in 2012 and had a time of 1:29.25. This year the team not only beat the meet record but also made a new school record overall for the 4 by 200 relay, with a time of 1:29.09.

“I think the team will constantly get better,” Carroll said. “Hopefully breaking our own record later this season.”