Next Level Cheering

Freshman Cheerleaders Work Hard During Their First Year Of High School


Freshman cheerleaders prepare a stunt alongside upperclassmen cheerleaders during their first high school pep rally.

Gracie Lee

Freshman Cheerleaders at Lampasas High School have been pulling off many different stunts with the upperclassmen. Despite it being their first year cheering at the high school level, freshman cheerleaders say they work hard getting steps right for performances.

“I get nervous,” freshman Maci Jones said.  “It’s like as a freshman, it’s your first year performing at a high school level.”

The freshman cheerleaders said they enjoy working together.

“My favorite part is probably the team bonding and being able to have a sister bond with such amazing people,” freshman Lexi Moreland said. “The stunts take hard work and a lot of time to get down perfect. As a squad we work together to get everything down. Sometimes it’s hard, but we always can figure it out.”

This year, the pep rally outfits and themes they have been put together by Coach Lindsey, the captains and seniors.

“I personally think they are absolutely adorable, and that they always tie in the theme perfectly,” freshman Brooke Miller said.

My favorite part is probably the team bonding and being able to have a sister bond with such amazing people.”

— Lexi Moreland, freshman cheerleader

Many of the members claim that being a cheerleader can oftentimes be stressful for the new freshman with such a large audience and big performances.

“I can be very nervous at times when we are trying to hit our stunts just right for the pep rally, or when we are learning new material is stressful,” Miller said. “But I honestly love learning the new cheers and dances.”

Nonetheless, football games prove to be rewarding for the freshman cheerleaders.

“Your standards are held high,” Jones said. “Pep rallies make your stomach flip. Although you know what you have to do, it still makes you sick to your stomach. However football games are tons of fun. I cheered in middle school so I don’t get nervous or emotional. Those are what I look forward to.”