Theatre Class Learns Makeup Skills


Photo Courtesy of Greta Peterson

Theatre students give each other facial hair and make each other look old using makeup skills.

Grace Stivers, Reporter

Sept. 17-20 theatre classes worked on makeup skills. Theatre teacher Greta Peterson demonstrated a look, and then students tried it on their own.

On Monday students practiced bruising makeup, Tuesday they did old age and beards and Wednesday Peterson let the students freely do whatever look they wanted. Thursday, the classes watched Peterson do scar makeup.

In college, Peterson learned how to apply theatre and special effects makeup. Peterson attended the University of Texas in Austin for theatre/speech to earn her Bachelor’s degree and then attended A&M University for her Master’s degree in counseling.

Senior Max Ramsour said many of the theatre students enjoyed putting makeup on eachother.

“I think it is so crazy how the school’s theatre is able to do such amazing makeup and make someone look like an entirely different person,” Ramsour said. “I am so glad to be apart of theatre, and I think it is all so cool how we all come together to accomplish many things.”

Junior Maximus Frost is also said he enjoys doing the cosmetics to make everything feel professional.

“In my opinion, everyone in theatre loves and is so happy to be in theatre and I am definitely one of those people,” Frost said. “Signing up to be a part of theatre was an absolutely great decision, and I hope to do it again next year to have all of the cool stuff like the makeup.”