The Nightmare Before Christmas: Halloween or Christmas Movie

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a well known stop-motion musical fantasy movie released in 1993 created by Tim Burton.
The Nightmare Before Christmas is a well known stop-motion musical fantasy movie released in 1993 created by Tim Burton.
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The movie has a spooky setting and characters.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a well known stop-motion musical fantasy movie released in 1993 created by Tim Burton. As the years went on and the movie’s popularity grew, a debate grew within the community as well — whether the movie is a Halloween or Christmas movie

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween movie.

One reason why this movie fits the Halloween theme more is because it includes Halloween-like topics, such as having spooky characters and well-known Halloween icons as the main characters. Some iconic characters in the movie include Jack Skellington, Sally, Doctor Finklestein and Oogie Boogie Man, which many know and relate to Halloween. The movie also includes monsters of all kinds such as vampires, witches, ghosts and many more.  The vibe of the main setting, Halloweentown, is dark and gloomy and includes grave yards and pumpkin patches that fit the theme of October. The opening song “This is Halloween” kicks off the movie with singing about what Halloween means to them. The song talks about monsters associated with Halloween, screaming and scaring others, and how much they enjoy what they do. 

Additionally, throughout the movie Jack Skellington decides to learn about Christmas and introduce it to his friends, but his friends twist Christmas traditions into Halloween ones to fit their version better. The same thing happens when the characters decide to create their own Christmas. All the characters twist the ideas of what Christmas toys should look like creating their own version of the toys like the flying vampire and rubber ducks that can bite. The song they sing during this time “Making Christmas” is a prime example of this. The song talks about the creatures using Halloween related items to make toys, like snakes and mice, spiders and frogs, and talking about what happens when a full moon comes out. They also use colors that represent Halloween such as oranges and blacks. 

Some disagree and believe that the movie is more of a Christmas type movie since it includes famous topics about Christmas, such as Santa, the Elves, Christmas making, presents, decorating for the holiday, and many more. It includes Jack Skellington going into the world of Christmas and being excited about seeing some news and singing about his findings. Involving the characters trying to learn about the holiday, what it is all about, and preparing to celebrate it. Even though it includes Christmas themes and the characters trying to celebrate the holiday, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a Halloween story. It includes spooky characters, spooky songs and the characters turning Christmas into a Halloween show instead. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas is undoubtedly a Halloween movie.

The movie has a spooky setting and characters. (Stephanie Flickr)
Jack Skellington wants to bring the joy of Christmastown back to his friends.

There are many heated debates in this generation. However, none is as controversial as the “Is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Christmas or Halloween movie?”

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas” focuses on the joy of Christmas, therefore making it a Christmas movie.

The film follows the misadventures of Jack Skellington, Halloweentown’s beloved pumpkin king, who has become bored with the routine of scaring people in the “real world.”  Jack finds Christmastown, all bright colors and good feelings, and plots to bring Christmas under his control by kidnapping Santa Claus and taking over the role. And while it does mainly take place in Halloweentown, the main theme of the movie is Jack Skellington discovering his love for Christmas, and bringing the joy of it back to his friends. This makes it a Christmas movie.

The residents of Halloweentown are depicted as having a love of scaring little kids, and they’re pictured in a bad light even though the characters are likable. Even the main characters of the movie, Jack Skellington and his love interest Sally, both have a terrifying look. Jack lives up to his name and is a Skeleton, he’s tall and wears a dark suit. While Sally is a play on Frankenstein’s monster, all her limbs are sewn together and she’s a light blue color. But in contrast, Christmasland is full of bright colors and singing. The people are happy and dancing as Jack Skellington sings the iconic song of “What’s this?” as he discovers the beauty of Christmas. 

One of the largest plot points in the movie is Jack plans to kidnap Santa Claus and become the ‘King of Christmas,’ and bring it to Halloweentown. However, the main antagonist of Nightmare Before Christmas, Mr. Oogie Boogie Man, tortures Santa after Jack kidnaps him. Jack takes over Santa’s job and delivers horrific presents that attack children. After, Christmas is officially canceled. Then Jack has a revelation that Christmas is about joy and kindness, and there is a final fight against Jack and Oogie Boogie, as Jack fights to free Santa. At the end Jack wins, and Santa returns to his home, and the townspeople find a certain fondness for Christmas. That is what this movie is about. The pure happiness of Christmas.

Some people argue that because The Nightmare Before Christmas mostly takes place in Halloweentown, it is therefore a Halloween movie. But that does not necessarily correlate into being the theme. The theme of the movie is Jack, the King of Halloween, finding love for Christmas.

Therefore, the most iconic Christmas movie of all time is Tim Burton’s Stop-Motion Film, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Jack Skellington wants to bring the joy of Christmastown back to his friends. (Paree Flickr)
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