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Review: Eras Tour Concert Film Is Flawless

Taylor Swift performs her Folklore set during the Eras Tour at SoFi Stadium CA.
Paolo V.
Taylor Swift performs her Folklore set during the Eras Tour at SoFi Stadium CA.

 Taylor Swift released an Eras Tour concert film Oct. 12, which features the entirety of the actual Eras Tour show, with the exception of a few songs that were tragically cut. While it is sad to know some songs did not make it into the film, it definitely does not make or break any enjoyment of the movie. Despite that, fans now have the opportunity to see and experience the incredible concert in pristine quality, even if it is on a movie theater screen. The first three nights out of the six total Los Angeles Eras Tour shows were filmed and edited together. Since the movie is labeled by theaters as a “concert film,” this means theater employees should understand that enthusiastic fans might treat the movie like a real concert, as Swift initiated in her post announcing the movie on Aug. 31. 

“Eras attire, friendship bracelets, singing and dancing encouraged,” Swift said.

 At the theater I went to, nobody was really singing or dancing, and only a couple of people gave out bracelets. However, there were other theaters that had huge dance circles and were really loud, so it just depends on the theater and the day. 

The film was perfect to describe it simply. You truly feel like you are back at whatever stadium you saw the Eras Tour in, but with a better view. Each era or set brought you specifically to the year the album was released. The filming was super steady and the camera crew definitely made sure to show every angle you could possibly want. 

A standout in the film was the introduction to the Reputation set. A giant 3D snake appeared on the screen, and it perfectly summed up the Reputation era as a whole because it was during the time that Kim Kardashian indirectly called Swift a snake on Twitter, and following that, #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty was trending number one on Twitter. Swift then decided to go into hiding for a year where nobody physically saw her. Then, in 2017, Swift clapped back with the greatest comeback in music, her album Reputation, that was heavily centered around snakes.

 The surprise songs, or one guitar and one piano song unique to each show, chosen to be in the film were Our Song and You’re On Your Own, Kid, which could not have been a better combination. There is no portion of the Eras Tour setlist dedicated to Swift’s first album, so picking Our Song which is from that album feels like the right choice. You’re On You’re Own, Kid is a fan favorite, so most people were not surprised that it was the second surprise song. During the credits, Long Live played, as well as clips of fans that were at the Los Angeles shows, which was such a nice way to end the film. 

I saw the movie Oct. 13, which was supposed to be the film’s opening night. However, on Oct. 11, Swift announced that because of high demand, there would be early showings the next day, Oct. 12.

 Speaking of Oct. 11, on this day, Swift hand-picked about 2,000 fans to attend the premiere of the film at AMC on The Grove in Los Angeles. Before watching the movie, Swift went by the barricade that was put up and took pictures with every hand-picked fan in attendance, except for the people who were there because they were influencers. There were 13 theaters that fans were divided into, and Swift went into each one to introduce the film, and thank everyone for coming. 

Overall, the film is a flawless, (almost) three hours that encapsulates the magic of the Eras Tour, and I will for sure be seeing it as many times as I can.

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