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Taylor Swift Continues to “Shake Off” Issues With Scooter Braun Through Releasing Her Version of 1989

Paolo V
Swift performs songs from her 1989 album during the Era’s Tour at SoFi Stadium Aug 9.

Taylor Swift will bring style back with the release “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” Oct. 27, the same day the original album was released nine years ago. 

“When I found out she was re-recording 1989 I was really excited,” junior Shelby Dewald said. “I love this album so much. It is one of my favorite albums to turn the volume up all the way in my car and just scream the lyrics.”

With over fourteen million copies sold worldwide, this album is one of the most popular pop albums of all time.

“I’m so excited to hear how she’s going to re-record each track,” Dewald said. “I can’t wait to hear her more mature voice singing her songs from 2014. I really want to hear the new backing vocals and the revamped beats and instrumentals.” 

The re-release of this album was announced Aug. 8, at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles at the last show of the first leg of her Era’s Tour, during the surprise song session in which she performed her song “New Romantics” from the “1989” album. 

“When I found out about ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ I was watching the live stream of the Era’s Tour,” sophomore Chesney Kuklies said.

In  an announcement on X, formerly known as Twitter, Swift stated that “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” is her “most favorite re-recording” she’s ever done.

“It just makes me so insanely proud of her,” Dewald said. “I started sobbing on my bed because I love her so much.”

This album will be Swift’s fourth re-released album following the recent release of “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” which occurred over summer. The re-releasings of her album is due to some bad blood with music executive Scooter Braun who purchased Big Machine Records in 2019, and with that purchased Swift’s first six albums. 

“She deserves to own her hard work,” Dewald said. “I think what happened to her was awful, and I know that it hurt her deeply, so it makes me so unexplainably proud and happy that she’s going to have a version (perhaps a better version) of 1989 that belongs to her.”

Swift decided to start off on a clean slate and re-record her albums to 

give her full ownership of them.

“Taylor owning this album means that she gets to own one of the best selling pop albums again,” Dewald said. 

The album will contain five tracks “from the vault,” something that seems like it would only be in a Swifties wildest dreams.

“I feel like the vault tracks will be phenomenal and I’m very excited,” Kuklies said. 

To release the titles of all five vault tracks, Swift teamed up with Google Sept. 19, and created a virtual game of scrabble which appeared on the screen once fans typed in “Taylor Swift.”

“I had a really tough time figuring them out because they progressively got harder,” Kuklies said.

Each participating member could complete up to 89 puzzles that included song titles, lyrics and references that only Swift fans would understand. 

“I sat there for three hours and solved all 89 of them, and some of the puzzles stressed me out but for the most part it was really fun,” Dewald said. “Several of the puzzles were inside Swiftie jokes and quotes, so you really had to know your Taylor Swift lore.”

Once 33 million puzzles were completed worldwide, the titles to the vault tracks were released to the screen as well as a recorded message from Swift.

“Just by looking at the titles, I can’t really judge how I think each song would go,” Dewald said. “Sometimes Taylor will give songs sad-seeming titles and make the songs more upbeat and happy. All I know is that each vault track will be amazing and have my jaw dropped.”

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