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Torrez Keeps It Tidy

Students Appreciate Custodian
Willow Collins
Torrez replaces trash bags in the mail room Sept. 26.

The dim empty halls ricochet the rumbling of the custodian’s cart, the spritz of disinfectant spray, the clink of lifting a large broom.  

Custodian Adrian Torrez gets to school at 2 p.m, and doesn’t leave until 10:30 p.m.

“We pretty much clean our full shift, especially now with the crickets and the games and pep rallies, so it definitely takes us longer than usual,” Torrez said.

Custodians move furniture and break down the tables in the cafeteria for special events.

“Sometimes kids vandalize the bathrooms or sprinkle coffee and glitter, and are just overall mischievous,” Torrez said.

Not all students understand the consequences of these actions.

“What they fail to realize is that the school gets its funding through taxes, so yeah, your parents are paying for it,” Torrez said. “You just don’t know it.”

Many students love Torrez. As he walks through the halls, students stop to talk to him and tell him thank you for keeping the school clean. 

“Thank you to all those students,” Torrez said. “A little recognition makes us feel good. Just a simple ‘keep up the good work’ goes a long way.”

The custodians each have their own area to clean, though they do help each other out on occasion. 

Custodians also work through the summer. Called the “Top to Bottom Program,” the custodians start at the top of the classroom, dusting off cabinets, then wipe down desks and scrape gum off before pulling them out of the classroom.

“Then they come in and deep scrub and wax the floors,” Torrez said. “Then we put the room together before moving on to the next room, then halls.”

Junior Jonathan Harris is close with Torrez, as he is close friends with his son Soloman Torrez.

“Mr. Adrian is like, my second family, and I love seeing him in the halls,” Harris said. “He’s always so nice to me.”

Torrez has known many students, including Harris, since their freshman year.

“You get to ask them questions, and hear their plans and ambitions, and you get to watch them apply themselves to their dreams and want to advance themselves, “ Torrez said. “And I always tell them, ‘hey don’t forget us little people when you’re off and out in the world.’”

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