Prom Petals

Advanced Floral Design Classes Create Arrangements For Dance


Sophomore Hannah Haviland arranges flowers for prom during her advanced floral design class Thursday.

Katie Johnson, Reporter

Advanced floral design classes have made floral arrangements for prom the past few years, and did again this year. This year’s prom theme is “A Night Under the Stars,” which is the inspiration behind each arrangement.

“We use certain flowers, color schemes and shapes to represent the theme,” advanced floral design teacher Erica Edwards said. “The theme last year was, ‘Enchanted Forest,’ so our designs featured lots of greenery and whimsical flowers.”

The student designers have already passed their “Introduction to Floral Design” classes, and are now able to make arrangements for important events.

“We make arrangements for banquets, weddings, senior award nights, kindergarten graduation and seasonal projects,” Edwards said. 

Students often have creative freedom over designs and are able to create their vision with a little help from their instructor. 

“I usually look to Ms. Edwards for what she wants us to do, but she gives us a pretty vague description,” sophomore Trinity Watkins said. “It’s because she wants us to be able to make our own designs. I love floral and the whole creative process.”

These arrangements will be set up for promenade and the dance, and students can take photos of and with the flowers.

“We do prom flowers to show off our student’s creativity to our community, staff and their peers,” Edwards said. “They do a great job each time.”