“Party School”

Author Jon Hart Discusses Debut Novel


Courtesy of Jon Hart

“Party School” is the dramedy of Dylan’s transition from high school to college.

Amelia Stanley, Editor-In-Chief

It’s scary to go to college. It’s scary to have to pack things until rooms appear empty. And it’s even harder to do it when separated from loved ones. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Jon Hart’s novel “Party School,” published April 23, 2022, is an exciting coming-of-age novel about the trials and tribulations of the high school to college transition

Although “Party School” is realistic with its storyline and small details, it is fictional and not truly based on Hart’s own experiences.

Party School is a work of fiction,” Hart said. “Inspiration came from too many places to mention here. However, here’s something to chew on: One of the main characters was inspired by a friend from school. He wasn’t a best friend, not even close, but he’s someone you’d want in your foxhole – or in your head when you’re writing a novel, a solitary endeavor. I used this person as a jumping off point for the book’s best friend character.”

“Party School” delves into the complexities of love, college and life, and how Dylan, the main character, handles it.

“Yes, of course, I relate to Dylan,” Hart said. “More importantly, I hope readers do, regardless of gender. Hasn’t everyone at one time or another put someone, perhaps undeserving, on a pedestal? Anyway, I’m not Dylan, and he’s not me. I’ll say this about Dylan: He’s deceptively mature, and I admire his fortitude. Like the rest of us, he’s figuring it out. And from my vantage point, he’s progressing.”

A key component of the book is Dylan’s transition from high school to college because it is a turning point for him. Even through such a real, and what could be a sad, story, Hart uses his incredible humor to bring the book to life.

“I want people to laugh and be entertained, first and foremost,” Hart said.

Hart began writing “Party School” about a year and a half before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“At this point, it’s all a fog,” Hart said.  “I spent a lot of time writing and rewriting. And I wasted a lot of time knocking on doors that will remain shut for eternity.”

Hart provides readers with the perfect advice on how to, and maybe how NOT to, navigate coming out of a shell when starting college. Hart’s writing blends a combination of  humor, detailed writing and “dramedy” in “Party School.”

“I don’t think anyone wants me to preach – and I won’t disappoint them now,” Hart said. “But if someone wants a lesson from Party School, there are many. Here’s a tight one wrapped in a bow: It’s not the brand of the school. It’s the character of the student!”