Jedi Survivor Is Masterpiece For Star Wars Fans


Joseph Neuenschwander

Cal Kestis watches the senator’s yacht take off. Cal’s mission is to capture the senator.

Joseph Neuenschwander, Reporter

    Star Wars Jedi Survivor has expectations to live up to after the previous game came out in 2019. Jedi Survivor came out April 28.

     The game is a masterpiece, or at least it is for a Star Wars fan like me. If the last game was like Dark Souls then I’d say this one is like Bloodborne, meaning that the last game encouraged less aggression toward enemy NPCs (nonplayer characters).  The game is more dodge focused. It’s fast and it works. Lightsaber combat should be fast. I love all the stances. Each lightsaber stance is unique. The double bladed lightsaber and dual wield lightsabers are both about fast combat while the blaster and lightsaber combination is pretty good. The cross guard stance is probably the least interesting of the stances; it’s a heavier attack. I think it’s the least exciting to watch and it’s just not as satisfying to watch as lightsaber combat.

         The world graphics are some of the best I’ve ever seen, even on my crappy TV. The detail of the rocks was perfect. Every edge of a cliff is detailed and I feel like I am really there. I feel like I could touch the rock itself. However, the Spamels don’t look well rendered and this is both on Xbox series X and Play Station 5. It’s jarring and I feel like it’s not real. I think it’s the way they move. Other than that I feel that the graphics are decent to perfect. The game has no outstanding visual glitches. 

          The story is good; it’s a Star Wars story. The villain has a motive and all the characters have a motive (unlike some Star Wars films). Its main villain’s introduction is shocking and the boss fight following it is unexpected. The one main problem I have with the story is how the levels end without a satisfactory end. The levels either end too soon or they take too long; there is no perfect timing. 

I am going to end on a good note. I hated the platforming in the last game. It was too tedious and hard. It has improved and it’s fun now.  I am not saying that Jedi Fallen Order is a bad game, I just hated the platforming. The timing is way better in Jedi Survivor. Wall running is easier and I can stay on the wall for slightly longer.