LHS Graduate Utilizes Cosmetology License In College Theater


Courtesy of Christine Hearn

CTC student Elizabeth Casper performs in The Learned Ladies April 22. She also did the hair and makeup for the show.

Kilana Baird, Reporter

Lights, camera, fashion.  

2022 graduate Elizabeth Casper was licensed in cosmetology after passing her written and hands-on state board tests through the LHS cosmetology program. Now attending Central Texas College, Casper put her certification to use for play by the CTC Fine Arts Program. 

“I was in charge of hair and makeup design for the play The Learned Ladies,” Casper said. “It was the first real application of my cosmetology license since I got it in June of 2022. It was an incredible experience and I got to have a creative opportunity to design modern twists on the historical style of the 1700s.”

While currently enrolled in general studies, Casper hopes to transfer to a four year university to study forensic science. 

“I was so proud of her for stepping out of her comfort zone to perform in front of an audience and doing the styling and makeup of her fellow actors,” cosmetology teacher Christine Hearn said. “I was also incredibly flattered that she invited me and that I was allowed behind the scenes prior to the performance.”

Even though Casper plans to pursue a career in a different field, she still uses her cosmetology license as a way to make money while in college. 

“It is absolutely worth it [to take cosmetology classes in high school],” Casper said. “Mrs. Hearn is an incredible teacher and she makes sure you understand the criteria. It is a bunch of skills that are so useful, and it’s definitely one of the best decisions I made in high school.”