Auto Students Earn Superior at State Competition


Kilana Baird

Sophomores Jayce Newkirk, Ethan Craig and Daniel Methany’s barstool racer recieves a superior recognition.

Kilana Baird, Reporter

The automotive classes competed in SkillsUSA March 31. Both auto teachers, Benjamin Boyd and Edward Gold had their own teams and projects. 

Boyd’s team, consisting of sophomores Ethan Craig, Jayce Newkirk and Daniel Metheny received Superior on their project. 

“To be able to accomplish this, the students needed to be organized, know how to weld, use team building skills and critical thinking,” Boyd said.

To make it to the state level, the students had to work together to find ways to make their projects stand out.

“We learned to take our time, have patience and to know the sequence of everything,” Newkirk said. “We had to remember that every piece had its own place.”

Along with the project winning Superior, the overall competition was a learning experience for each student who participated. 

“Certain kids took leadership in the competition,” Gold said. “They separated themselves and all worked on different parts of the same project.”

Seniors Remington Wright, Elias Barron, Isaac Abken, and Aidan Kilhullen receive and excellent rating on their race mower. (Courtesy of Edward Gold)