Softball To Start District During Spring Break


Veronica Butler

Junior Daecee Ellis catches a ball during practice Jan. 23.

Jadyn Arzola, Reporter

Lady Badger Softball to Start off District Games vs. Lago Vista Tuesday.


Lady Badger varsity softball will play their first district game vs Lago Vista Tuesday. 

“I’m sure it will go well, especially if it’s a home game,” senior Kali Hunter said. “We usually come out fired up for our first district game.”

Try-outs took place in mid January. Softball coach Jessica Harborth said they “went smooth.”

As coaches, it allowed us to get some great looks at the kids and we’ve worked to continue to grow as a program since,” she said. 

The Lady Badgers competed in their final tournament of the season over the weekend.

“We played six games this [past] weekend,” Harborth said. “We got to see a lot of different teams which allowed us to continue to work towards our goals.”

The team hopes to start off their district games well. 

“This season has been absolutely incredible, we have been doing so well,” freshmen Madison Magilke said. “We have nine wins and four losses so far. I’m very confident in my team and that we will continue winning our future games.”

Magilke said she is grateful to be on the team because the girls have been welcoming to her and other freshmen.

I genuinely feel very connected and loved by my team,” she said. “It truly is a very fun experience. They do their best to make us feel like a big family.”

Many members of the team find that they have been able to form family-like bonds with other players. 

“I love this team,” Hunter said. “I think that this is the closest we have been in my four years and it makes playing even more enjoyable.”

Hunter feels bittersweet towards the fact that, as a senior, this is her final season.

“This being my senior year makes me sad, but at the same time very grateful for everything in the program so far,” she said.

Harborth said if she had to define the girls on the team in three words, they would be “determined, competitive and energetic.”

“They are loud, driven and work hard on the field to achieve goals they have set for this year,” she said. “Their energy during games is contagious.”