Law Enforcement Competes At State Today, Tomorrow


Veronica Butler

Sophomores John Harris and Phoebe Rounds practice Building Search at their practice March 1.

Veronica Butler, Online Editor

The school’s law enforcement teams will attend the state meet today and tomorrow in Corpus Christi at Del Mar College.

Juniors Bryce Neeley, Finn Miller, Jason Brock, and freshman Lillian Stephen will compete in Felony Traffic Stop, after their first place win at Regionals.

Sophomores Phoebe Rounds, John Harris, Lena Jeffries, and senior Jace Mickey will compete in Building Search, which also placed first at Regionals.

They are very prepared for this competition, and they have been practicing for months,” Law Enforcement teacher Michael Tatum said.

The law students are excited for the competition and have been practicing all week.

“I’m very confident going into this competition,” Mickey said. “We’ve corrected every mistake we had at regionals and I know I have the best team in the world.”

This past week was their “crunch week”, where they really went deep into their competition and practiced everything by the book, focusing on weaknesses and past mistakes.

“I’d say my biggest weakness is probably knowing what to do when certain situations we are not trained for happen,” Brock said. “My biggest strengths are definitely handcuffing and searching.”

Tatum and Mickey agreed that communication is something the teams need to work on. 

“Communication is key to winning these competitions,” Tatum said.

Last year, Law Enforcement went against 44 schools around the state, and that is likely to be the case this year.

“I’m not concerned about the other schools because my teams are already winners regardless of the outcome of the state competition,” Tatum said.

Tatum is the team’s coach, but the practices are mostly led by Rounds, the teams’s captain, and Brock, her lieutenant.

“Mr. Tatum is definitely one of my biggest motivations, not necessarily the stress of living up to his expectations but proving that he put all his chips on red and I cashed in,” Mickey said.