Love At LHS

Badgers Celebrate Valentine’s Day


Katie Johnson

On Valentine’s Day, people show their appreciation for each other with gifts and kind gestures.

Katie Johnson, Reporter

Flowers, hearts and love. 

Valentine’s Day has been celebrated since the fourteenth century and originated as a Christian feast day honoring a martyr called Valentine. Now it is celebrated around the world as a day to show and appreciate loved ones, especially romantic relationships. People exercise  acts of service and gift giving during this holiday. 

“For Valentine’s my partner and I are planning on exchanging gifts,” junior Kailey Morgan said. “I really hope she likes it, and I can’t wait to see what she got me!”

This weekend, the Juniorette Pierians (JPs)  planning committee will host a Valentine’s Day themed dance. 

“I’m really excited to go to JP’s,” sophomore Taylor Herring said. “I’ve been waiting all year, considering I couldn’t go last year. Not to mention I have a date this year.”

Many couples plan outings for Valentine’s Day, however some may have scheduling conflicts, but still find time for one another.

“We are usually at the music teachers conference in San Antonio, which normally happens during Valentine’s Day week,” band director Chloe Flint said. “Getting to spend time around music, which we both love, on Valentine’s Day.” 

English teachers Alison and Nathaniel Brayton have been spending the holiday with one another for over a decade. 

“I think our first Valentine’s Day was my favorite memory with him,” Alison Brayton said. “It was cute; he planned a picnic and then we went to see the movie Valentine’s Day, and then he took me to a really fancy restaurant.”